Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation

Featured Performance

Arawak 'Opia

The Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center’s Bomba Youth Ensemble

Arawak ‘Opia is youth ensemble that dances, drums, and sings cultural ancestor traditions; currently their performances are focused on Bomba Puertorriqueña!

Members play percussion instruments, perform the traditional accompanying dance and most importantly, thehistorical significance of Bomba music as an AfroCaribbean movement whose roots are found in the musical traditions brought by enslaved Africans in the 17th century. Bomba music was both a source of political & spiritual expression while helping to create community and identity.

Members are given first hand access to performers from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia and Chicago. Through a dynamic performance schedule members engage in the business of musical performance, learning to leverage their talents and exposure. Arawak 'Opia’s performances have included cultural events, neighborhood festivals, Shakespeare in the Parks, Victor Manuelle’s Qué Suenen los Tambores Tour, and the opening ceremony of The 606.

It is the goal of SRBCC to become a source of empowerment and achievement for the youth of Hermosa. SRBCC realizes its mission to preserve and promote appreciation of the culture and arts of Puerto Rico , with a special emphasis on its African heritage, while creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for collaborations with all cultural groups in the city.

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